Welcome to the Waynesboro church of Christ

16 Greet one another with a holy kiss. All the churches of Christ send greetings. -Romans 16:16
Worship Our God

Christians Being All About Jesus

The Waynesboro church of Christ consists of a community of faith committed to Jesus and the restoration heritage.  We worship and preach Jesus in this crazy world. Please visit our worship services and let us get to love you.

Diverse Christians sharing Christ in Common

Our church family consists of a healthy mix of young singles, young parents, empty-nesters, vibrant retirees, diverse professionals, factory employees, and self-employed. We have some long-standing members who have been Christians for over 20 years, and a growing contingent of “babes” who have been Christians less than five years….and these “babes in Christ” cover the whole spectrum of physical ages – from pre-teenagers to retirees.

Christians Following Jesus

logoLove-Lead-Grow drives us as we seek to honor our commitment to Jesus by living our Mission Statement. We want to love the way Jesus did, lead people to God the way Jesus did and grow people to spiritual maturity the way Jesus did.
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Show God’s LOVE in our Community.


Pursue every opportunity to LEAD the lost to Jesus.


GROW all to maturity in Christ.