Undying Love

Colts comeback.  Alfred at Waynesboro church of Christ wants you to never give up.

Title: Never Give Up

By: Alfred Toole

God calls us to love Him with an undying love. We must go the distance. Christianity isn’t an almost sort of thing. You either make to heaven or you don’t. Almost to heaven is to fail. Press on beloved, our God will see you through the tough times. He loves you and hasn’t forsaken you. In fact, our God calls us to be strong and courageous because He is with us. See Deuteronomy 31.6. He loves us that much. I am sure that those watching the Colts last weekend thought 38-10 in the third spelled sure defeat. Many fans forsook their tv sets as the team endured an awful onslaught on the field. But Andrew Luck refused to quit. He refused to lose. He pumped his team up and told them to keep fighting. They snatched victory from defeat. As a believer, may it be said of you that you love God with an undying love. May your love for God never die.

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  1. Ezra in the backyard playing

    Second. First place loser? Right now, my son’s face lights up whenever he sees me. Someday that will change and I won’t even be third on his list. As long as God is one of many options, He isn’t an option at all. On Mount Carmel, Israel wrestled with placing God first. Elijah raised the question, “How long will you limp between two opinions?” We, too, live in a society that likes to keep our options open. Even with verses like “Seek ye first…,”and Romans 12.1, commitment still appears to be a foreign word. On Sunday, Mike hammered home that there is never a good reason to abandon Christianity. Further, God doesn’t want to be a last resort. He wants to be first above all the options. As you encounter the world around today, strive to place God first above all else. Give God the blue ribbon He deserves.

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