Fresh Air

Fresh Air

Spring is coming. Does anyone want to complain? I think we are all anxious to get outside and to let our kids go outside to play. We are just about ready to start eating supper on our screened in porch again. What are you getting ready to start doing again? I think the elders have done a great job of making our assemblies safe and now it will be even easier as we are able to open up doors again during our service. I am hearing from people that have not been out for service that they are ready to start coming. Some because they have received both vaccines. I can’t wait to start seeing people again that have had to stay away for upwards of a year.
Spring always gives me the feeling of God renewing the earth. Trees that have looked dead all winter come back to life with blossoms. The color green returns all around us. This year I feel the hand of God even more than usual. I love it.

Have a great weekend.
Allen L. Close

Sermon: “Restructure Your World”
I Timothy 2:1-7


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