masked woman sharing flowers with masked neighbor



As I walked up the road, I noticed that my neighbor had added two lawn ornaments next to the flower garden- a rooster and a hen. They were well made with very vivid coloring and stood in a realistic pose. Only when the rooster crowed, did I realize they were not ornaments. There was life in there.

How often do we look at people around us and see only the surface? We look at their clothes or their facial expressions. We observe their manners or critique their speech. We write them off as objects taking up space in our world.

What if God looked at us like that?

If we adjust our vision to look as God looks, we will see a divine creation that He loves. We’ll see a beating heart and a potential for greatness. We’ll see a man for whom God has a purpose. We’ll see a mind seeking answers and a soul struggling for strength and compassion. When we look with God’s eyes, we’ll see there is life in there.

May He help us all to see as He sees.

-D J Lee

*Masks are strongly encouraged.

SERMON: “Harsh Realities” Hebrews 6:4-6

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