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Trick or Treat – 10.30.22

This Monday is Halloween when young children in costumes will be knocking on our doors to collect candy, apples, or whatever goodies we have provided for them. The traditional greeting will be “Trick or treat!” Supposedly, if we don’t give them a treat, they will play a trick on us. The choice is ours.

The familiar phrase, “Trick or treat,” also describes the difference between God and Satan. Satan will trick us as often as he can. He tricks us into believing that our feelings are more important than God’s laws, that we have the right to whatever we want even at another’s expense, that life is a success only when we experience all of its pleasures. He tricks us into thinking that we are self-sufficient, that we can sin without consequences, that money and power are more important than morals and purity. Satan is inventive, manipulative and skilled in his trickery and laughs at our gullibility when we believe his lies.

God never tricks us. He treats us as beloved children created in His image. He gives us absolute truth in His word, His presence in our hearts, His own Son to ransom us from the results of Satan’s trickery. He treats us with kindness and patience, with generosity and understanding, with love and guidance. He treats us to the wonder of watching Him work in our lives, to the peace that passes understanding, to the hope of eternity with Him.

God treats us to light and Satan tricks us into darkness. God treats us to glory and Satan tricks us into shame. God treats us to freedom and Satan tricks us into slavery. Treated by God, or tricked by Satan? The choice is ours.

D. J. Lee

SERMON: “No Excuses” Mark 2:1-12


ATTENDANCE: Oct.23rd Sunday School – 91      Worship – 119

CONTRIBUTION: Oct. 23rd $1,877

TRUNK-OR-TREAT Join us this afternoon from 3:30-5:00 for Trunk-or-Treat!

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