Thanksgiving is almost upon us. I hope you are ready. I heard there was going to be a shortage of turkeys so I got ours several weeks ago. Yesterday in the grocery store it looked like there was lots. Oh well, I’m thankful to have gotten the turkey I wanted. This year, instead of thinking of the things that cause me to be grateful, I am thinking about the stories that make our family what it is and how I am thankful for those stories. I guess this comes from the last few sermons about story. What are the stories that define your family? Trips you went on, embarrassing episodes, tragedies you survived. These are the things that make our families unique. I hope you get to spend time this week sitting around the table, eating good food, and telling good stories. Happy Thanksgiving.

Allen L. Close

Sermon: “Understanding Grace”
Hebrews 10:26-31

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