Praise The Lord

Praise The Lord
Praise the Lord for this glorious day,
It is beautiful in every way.
Praise Him for the skies above,
For all His reflections of purest love.

Praise the Lord for the rivers and seas,
For the buzzing of the bees,
As they make delicious honey,
More precious than a pot of money!

Praise the Lord for the animals and birds,
For cheery faces and life giving words.
Praise the Lord for family and friends,
For the spirit’s life that never ends.

Praise the Lord for you and me,
For the ability to hear and see.
Praise Him for our precious health,
More important than material wealth.

Praise Him for all creation,
For helping us to go beyond limitation.
Ro reach out to the unknown world,
Hold us as the future is gently unfurled.

Praise the Lord for His unending love,
For all the support from Heaven above.
And as we go out on our way,
Let’s praise the Lord for each new day!

-Barbara Manning

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