showing our appreciation to our police



We are working on appreciation events for our police, teachers, and nurses. People have stepped up to help take care of the details and things are falling into place. We will begin by showing our appreciation to our police. We will be providing snack bags to seventy-five officers and support staff at Waynesboro Police Department. Summer Shipman has been helping me with the details and she will have cards with specific needs that you can take on Sunday.

Some of the needs are:

25 dozen cookies,

75 packs of gum,

75 bags of nuts,

and other snacks.

We also want people to commit to pray during all four shifts that we will be covering. All of this will be on the big whiteboard that we will have in the foyer. This is the event that will need lots of homemade snacks so if you make good cookies or something like that, this is your ministry.
Everyone I have talked with about doing these things has been so encouraging. They really do appreciate someone taking the time to show some love. Love really is the greatest power on Earth.

Have a great weekend!
Allen L. Close

Sermon: “The Story”
Hebrews 9



Sign-up sheets posted beside the Library.

Read full bulletin [here]

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