Church Family Welcome

16 Greet one another with a holy kiss. All the churches of Christ send greetings. -Romans 16.16

Welcome to the Waynesboro church of Christ

A Quick Overview of our Mission

We want to Show LOVE in our community, Pursue opportunities to LEAD the lost to Jesus; and GROW all to maturity in Christ.
We don’t have all the answers, but find the quest for truth fascinating. Our desire (Love-Lead-Grow) is 3 fold.
Much of the blessing of our church lies in this age-diverse blend of talents, perspectives, and spiritual backgrounds.
We strive to live as dedicated servants in God’s kingdom who Love-Lead-Grow.
We hope you will come join us in our quest to Love-Lead-Grow.

Waynesboro church of Christ 227 Bookerdale Road

The church gathers at 10:30 on Sunday for Worship

We greet you on behalf of the churches of Christ. Thank you for your interest in us. We would love to be your new church family and we invite you to worship with us.  Our church family encourages you to come as you are, wherever you are in life.  Regardless of the circumstances you face, we welcome you here.  Our Sundays begin at 9:30 with Bible class followed by everyone gathering together at 10:15 to worship God.  Please call 540-942-2492 or visit us at 227 Bookerdale Road in Waynesboro, Virginia.

Followers of the Christ