Opportunities – December 5, 2021

We are going to be in DC this weekend, celebrating early Christmas with my Mom and our kids. Jim Childress will be preaching and Misha will be teaching my class. It is so nice to have people that can fill in for me, especially on a weekend that Alfred is also away.
We had so much fun serving coffee at William Perry Elementary school this Tuesday. Aaron, the owner of Farm Haus coffee, met us there with six gallons of coffee. We got rid of a lot of it and handed out some really nice gift bags. The teachers were all so enthusiastic and seemed to really enjoy our appreciation for their work. We also let them know that we had people praying for them all that day. Thank you to everyone that brought things for us to give and especially to Judy and Janice for taking the lead on planning this event. What a joy to serve our community in the name of God. There is more coming.
We have cleared the board of people to adopt from Pakistan. What a great testimony for the village where Kamran lives. He will use this to open doors to the message of Jesus Christ. Again, how great that we get to be part of this.
Have a great weekend.
Allen L. Close

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