Community Garden

Waynesboro Church of Christ Community Garden

A little history about our “community gardens” at the church.  Michael Jones was hired as our Involvement Minister in 2007.  One of his projects to reach out to our local community was a series of garden plots made available to the community at no charge.  The area was surveyed to determine the boundaries that could be cultivated due to a large portion of the area being in the flood plain. 

The garden was tilled by Timmy Campbell, a friend of Rob and Shirley Griffin.  Twenty garden plots were laid out that measured approximately 20 ft x 40 ft.  There were 20 garden plots available on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

Michael and Jim Knea placed a sign next to Bookerdale Road advertising garden plots available to the community as well as members of the church.   It has been a great success as far as gardeners wanting to raise their own vegetables having a place to do that. 

13 Years Later

The area has evolved over 13 years, it is now fully enclosed to minimize deer damage, an irrigation system created by one of the gardeners to be able to provide water during dry periods, cultivation in the spring in preparation for planting (Timmy Campbell still provides the cultivation) and other aspects of gardening to make it an enjoyable experience.

 The community garden is not what some people think it is.  Individual gardeners raise vegetables for their individual use.  It is not an open market for the community to help yourself.  The fruits of our labor are shared with friends, relatives, and church members.  However, most of the gardeners are not members of the Waynesboro Church of Christ.  

Let us know if you have any questions or would like more information. 

Currently, there are no available plots.

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