Listeners – 10.23.22


    One of the best things about our Awana program is the Listeners.  We pair each kid with an adult who spends about twenty minutes each evening helping them with their work and building a relationship.  The kids know who their person is and they go straight to them. 

It has been so successful that we are going to expand it to include the teen group.  Alfred’s teen group is very enthusiastic and have been great help in the skits during the opening. 

Recently we have had some visitors sign up and it just made sense to have adults that will build relationships with them.  Studies show that the more adults a kid knows at Church the more likely they are to retain their faith. 

What the listeners are doing is critical to the spiritual success of our kids.  Thank you so much for your work.

Have a great weekend.
Allen L. Close

Sermon: “The Touch of Jesus” Mark 1:40-45

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