Sermon: “Today, If You Hear His Voice” Hebrews 3:7-11



Have you ever been around someone that repeats themselves? I’m sure you have. Sometimes my kids will groan when I start to say something like I’ve said it before or they already know what I’m going to say. What can I say? If that joke was funny the first hundred times I said it, surely it is still funny now.
In Hebrews three and four, the writer repeats themselves three times. Three times they write, “Today, if you hear his voice.” That should alert us to the fact that the author really wants to make sure we don’t miss this. Listening to the voice of God is critical to the well-being of a Christian. It is critical to our faithfulness over the long haul. I pray that we are all taking seriously this need that we have. What do you do to listen to God?

Have a great weekend.
Allen L. Close

Sermon: “Today, If You Hear His Voice”
Hebrews 3:7-11

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