January 5, 2020 Bulletin

In the event the Elders cancel church services due to weather please check your email first. In time it should be posted on Radio 550am, WHSV TV 3 in Harrisonburg, and NBC29 TV in Charlottesville


This Sunday night we will be meeting to do my favorite Sunday night activity – An intergenerational activity.  I am moving the time up to 5:00 because I need to drive to South Carolina afterwards.  The activity is going to involve three things of which you can choose one.  The first choice is to learn a song with Elizabeth Barron.  The song is No Longer Slaves.  You can look it up “No Longer Slaves Zoe group” to familiarize yourself with the version that we will learn.  The second choice will be to do art with Laura.  I don’t know exactly what you will be doing but I know she will help the group produce a work of art that will make us proud.  The final choice will be wrestling with Chris Hewitt.  In this class you will be acting out Genesis 32:22-32.  If you plan to do the art or wrestling you should probably come dressed appropriately.  It is my intention for this to be suitable for all ages.  Certainly some things will be more suited to one or the other but we will do the best we can.  See you Sunday at 5:00.

     I am beginning a new series on the book of Judges this Sunday.  I am calling it the Gospel According to Judges.  You might consider watching a video at thebibleproject.com on the book of Judges.  It is a very helpful overview of the book that will set you up for the series.

Have a great day.

Allen L. Close

C a l e n d a r    of    E v e n t s

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