My mom and I were talking last night about my Wednesday night class on Luke. This week I talked about the time Jesus said that there would not be marriage in heaven. In the class, I was making the point that I don’t like the answer Jesus gave. My conclusion was that maybe this is why Jesus didn’t give us more details about heaven. When we take the context of this life and try to impose details from the next, they sometimes don’t make sense. Something that will be wonderful in heaven might not sound so good to us now. So, Jesus gives us pretty sketchy details other than it will be wonderful. Mom shared with me what my dad said about this verse. He said that he thinks we will be so surrounded with the complete love of God that there will no longer be a need for marriage. My dad might have a good point there. I won’t argue.
Laura, my mom, and I will be traveling to DC this weekend to celebrate Lincoln’s first birthday. This is the one where he will get to demolish his cake if he wants. You only turn one once.

Have a great weekend.
Allen L. Close

PREACHING: Alfred Toole will be bringing us the lesson this Sunday.

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