February 9, 2020 Bulletin

God’s Delight

Our God delights in many things
Which we as men may give.
He’s pleased with us who worship Him
In all the ways we live.

The faith that puts our hope in Him,
The prayers of the upright,
Our honest weights and blameless ways
Are pleasing in His sight.

Our love proved in obedience,
Our lips that sing His praise.
Our words and thoughts in purity,
The reverence of our ways.

A heart that’s broken and contrite,
The truthful words we speak,
The sacrifice we make in love,
The time with Him we seek.

Oh how we long to honor Him
And strive with all our might,
To fill our lives with qualities
Which bring our God delight.

-D.J Lee

This Week’s sermon: “Gideon”
Judges 6-8

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