Death of Death – 04.17.22

Christmas and Easter

Every December I preach about the birth of Jesus and on Easter, I preach about the cross. I don’t ever get tired of it because both events are central to Christianity. How could you ever run out of things to talk about in relation to the crucifixion of Jesus? This year I will preach on his death in a way that I never have. I like to talk about the power of the life of Jesus but this Sunday I will preach about the power of his death. If we had been alive at the time we would have intensely wanted Jesus to live, but what we actually needed was for him to die. We have an enemy, Death, that is merciless and cruel. Easter addresses the question to God, “Can you do anything about that?” Obviously, Easter is God’s way of saying, “Yes, I can. And, yes I will.” Hallelujah for the saving power of God that is the heart of the gospel.

See you on Sunday.
Allen L. Close

Sermon: “The death of Death”
I Corinthians 15

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