COVID response bulletin

COVID Response

Dear Church Family,
As you know several of our members have been diagnosed with COVID. Even those who have been previously vaccinated. It is becoming obvious that, while the vaccines seem very effective at keeping people out of hospitals, that they are not as effective as we had hoped at preventing those vaccinated from contracting and spreading the disease.
We realize that many of the efforts to control the disease have been very controversial. Nevertheless, we feel the need to take the following measures with the hope that we can offer a worship experience with the least risk of contracting COVID.
1. If you or anyone in your household have headache, cough, nausea, congestion, or fever OR if you were exposed to someone who has COVID.
Please stay home & participate in the online service.
2. For those that participate in our in-person services, we strongly encourage you to wear a mask.
This is not a mandate, but a request to respect the concerns of those most at risk that would like to worship in person. We don’t take these actions lightly, but Jesus taught us that love often requires sacrifice. The elders feel we must do something to help protect the safety of every member & attendee at our worship. We hope you will understand.
Please keep those who are currently dealing with the disease in your prayers. Some are very much at risk.

Your Elders,
Glenn, Jim, Rob & Brent


*Masks are strongly encouraged.


“The Heroic Power of Jesus” Hebrews 5:7-10

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