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praying hands with a bible I thank God, whom I serve, as my ancestors did, with a clear conscience, as night and day I constantly remember you in my prayers. –2 Timothy 1.3
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Invitation Response:

Cancer: Sarah Field, John Fields, Terry Bradshaw, Jim Gunn, Adam Clutts, Paul Robinson, Cathy Hammer, Wanda Billiter, Charles Henderson, Sharon Nuckels, David Goff, Miranda McLaughlin, Ernie Campbell, Susan Miller, James Smith, Mary Mask, David Earheart, Joey Belcher, Zach Hoobler, Darryl Howell & Nicole Jones.

Recovering from Procedure / Surgery:

Mark Vanhynning. Various Needs: The Painter family, Nepal earthquake victims, The Cole/Harris family, Chad Hammer, John Knea, our expectant mothers, the Coiner family, The Cook family, Karen Pickens & Matt Coiner. Various Medical Needs: Wade Stickler, Ray Keyes, Rich Willwerth, Randy Landis, Ellen Tidwell, Mike Rexrode, Jeanine Brewer, Rick Carter, Rowena Anderson, Judy Kiser, Lester Howell, Pat Sipe, Cathy Ashe, Earlene Rhodes, Nell Morell, Ed Urbanski, Sylvia Lynn, Jeff Cole, David Doval, Mary Kay Mason, Anne Knea, Ron Brown, Donald Brewer, Ray Stevens, Donna VanHyning, Angela Anderson, Cassandra Martin, Susanne Meadows, Ashley Bruce, Ruby Howell, John Leavell, Beth Tucker, Pamela Royer, Shirley Eutsler, Joey Campbell, Pat Marshall, Wayne Eutsler, Betty Lucas, Jason Poindexter, Terry Dyson, Wilson Eutsler, Aaron Fitzgerald & Mary Davidson.

Prayers for the Missionaries we support:

  • Oscar McCoy-Ohio
  • Gigie Caranza – Philippines
  • Rama Chintapali – India

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