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June 13, 2021

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How nice it is to have elders that can fill in for me when I am away. Glenn and Jim taught my class and Brent and Rob preached. I have listened to both sermons and they both did a great job. I was especially pleased that Rob could tackle a tough subject like he did and do it with grace and balance. That is not easy. My thanks to each of our elders.
My trip to Texas was very worthwhile. At my meetings with Mission Alive, I was able to be with a group of people that are both challenging and encouraging. The preacher at the University Church of Christ at Pepperdine was there and I enjoyed talking with him and asking him all sorts of questions. Fellowship is a beautiful thing.
I was also able to visit with family that I hadn’t seen for a few years. We had many heavy discussions and were able to renew our love for each other. Family is a beautiful thing.
Now, it is good to be home. Laura picked me up in Richmond on Monday and we have had a normal week, which is just what we wanted. I pray each one of you is doing well and enjoying the blessings of God.

Allen L. Close

Sermon: “The Inner Person”
I Timothy 6:6-10

For those that have been fully vaccinated against COVID, the wearing of masks or face coverings is now optional.
If you have not had the COVID vaccination, we respectfully ask that you continue to wear a mask or face covering.

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