A Week – 01.16.22

What a week this has been. Laura woke up sick on Sunday morning and we had a home test so we decided to check just in case to see if she had covid. She did. Phone calls and scrambling got started quickly to cover my class and everything else I was supposed to do that morning. It was crazy. Thank you to Alfred for shifting his class to cover mine.
This last week reminded me of the beginning of the pandemic – isolation. I haven’t gone to the gym, met with the elders on zoom, and stayed home. I miss people. I have missed Church two out of three Sundays. I miss y’all.
Now I wonder what the weather will do this Sunday. There is a snowstorm coming and we won’t know till Sunday morning if it will disrupt our service or not.
Please look for an email if it is already snowing that morning. We are also trying again to have our night of singing at 6. I hope we can do it. Next week, the 23rd, we are planning an evening of worship. It will be a time of sitting in the dark of the auditorium as we sing, listen to scripture, and pray. On the 30th I am planning a family prayer exercise where we move from prayer station to prayer station and celebrate God’s creation. I have a family coming for that and they are bringing two special guests so don’t miss it. It’s possible you will have your face licked – just saying.
Regardless, we will praise the Lord one way or the other. I hope we can do it in person but if not we have our online service to stand in the gap.

Have a great weekend.
Allen L. Close

SERMON: “The Growth of Faith” Hebrews 11:1-6

Cancellation of Services

In the event we need to cancel services due to the weather, please first check your email. Also, you can watch for the notice to be posted on your TV on NBC29 in Charlottesville, or WHSV3 in Harrisonburg.


AGAPE GROUPS: Will not meet for the month of January
SUNDAY NIGHTS AT THE CHURCH: January 16th, 23rd & 30th. January 16th is a night of singing. Meet time is 6:00 p.m.

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