God’s word

June 27, 2021

God’s Word

One of the things about being a preacher is that when you finish preaching or teaching your way through a book you must put it away. Last night I finished teaching through the book of Luke and now I will put it away for several years. I have been teaching it for fifteen months every Wednesday on zoom. I won’t be able to do that again for several years. There is a sadness that comes with this.
I am also getting close to finishing the book of Acts on Sunday mornings. When I finish that I will put away the writing of Luke and move on. Again, I feel a sense of sadness. There is so much more, however, so I look forward to moving on even as I miss what I just did.
I have this kind of a relationship with the word of God. I remember certain books that I have studied with a sense of both love and longing. I love the richness of different books and the way they expose you to different aspects of God and his will. I also long to work through them with you. Some we have already covered, and others are waiting in line. Praise God for the rich beauty of his Word.

Have a great week.
Allen L. Close

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