Thank You – 09.18.22

Thank You!

     We all know that saying “Thank you” is important.  Last Sunday we had our first Awana event and all I want to say is “Thank you.”  Everything went smoothly because we had plenty of help to do something that takes a lot of help.  We had everything we needed because the elders and this congregation are behind what we are doing.  It was organized because I was smart enough to ask Kathy and Tausha to help me get things ready.  I loved roaming through the building watching everyone do their job so well.  Everything made me smile and be thankful.  Most of all, I am thankful to God.  We asked him to bless our efforts and to put his Holy Spirit behind this and we saw it in the eyes of the kids.  They all got a heavy dose of Bible story, Bible memorization, relationships with adults, and fun.  Praise God.  This is a combination that will grow results for years to come.  Thank you God.

Have a great weekend.
Allen L. Close

Sermon: “Elders”
I Peter 5:1-4

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