What Does a Deacon Do?

The New Testament writers often referred to “deacons” when referring to local churches. Their qualities can be found in 1 Timothy 3.8-10. The word Deacon means servant. They are ministry leaders who oversee and coordinate various “nuts and bolts” activities of the church (Acts 6.1-7). These men help organize the church members to accomplish the work God has given to the body to do. Such tasks include: following up on special needs or visitors, organizing work days, maintaining a food and clothes closet for the needy, and making our our building and grounds are maintained. All these activities fall under the oversight of the deacons.
In the same way, deacons are to be worthy of respect, sincere, not indulging in much wine, and not pursuing dishonest gain. 9 They must keep hold of the deep truths of the faith with a clear conscience. –1 Timothy 3.8-9

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Deacon Duane Barron Deacon Rick Cook Deacon Ron Cook Deacon Mark Frazier

Duane Barron

Area of service: Education.  Oversee Library.  Regional and International Missions.  Benevolence

Rick Cook

Area of service:  Building Upkeep

Ron Cook

Area of service: Building Maintenance.  HVAC Maintenance.

Mark Frazier

Area of service: Event Set-up.  Transportation
Deacon Jeff Griffin Deacon Kyle Heath Deacon Chris Hewitt Deacon Andy Mask

Jeff Griffin

Area of service: Baptistry Maintenance.  Worship Assignments. Control Room.

Kyle Heath, Jr.

Area of service: Building Safety and Security.  Grounds maintenance.  Van & Equipment maintenance.  Hands and Feet Mission work.

Chris Hewitt

Area of service: Education, teens.  Community Outreach.

Andy Mask

Area of service:  Education
Deacon Vince Moneymaker Deacon Stephen Strosnider Deacon Dave Velten Deacon Greg Wilson

Vince Moneymaker

Area of service: Grounds Maintenance.  Van & Equipment Maintenance.

Stephen Strosnider

Area of service: Education:  Class scheduling, VBS, Teacher’s resources.   Moving crew.

Dave Velten

Area of service: Kitchen up-keep

Greg Wilson

Area of service: Insurance.  Attendance and Worship Records.
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